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Our Top 10 Hospitality Tools to Stay Productive


Our top 5 hospitality tools for business owners and managers to stay productive. Find out the best way to control you business.

Staying productive in a high-pressure environment is always testing. But staying productive in an industry that never sleeps like the hospitality industry, is a whole other story altogether. From the weary-eyed, pre-dawn prepping to the late-night, body aching cash ups, cleanups and stock takes. It’s important to stay on top of things because there’s always so much to do and so very much to consider. Let's learn more about hospitality productivity tools.

Besides making sure your establishment is aesthetically pleasing at all times, and that what you’re offering is current, in demand and of high quality, you have to consider a whole bunch of other aspects. Tracking sales, managing cash flow and inventory, managing and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships with staff and most importantly, ensuring customers are always happy and treated with the utmost respect.

Running a successful restaurant is a serious undertaking but luckily, we live in the 21st century – an age of information and technology. Embracing the innovative tools available to us and implementing them into our day to day running of a business will most definitely prove beneficial and take a lot of that unwanted pressure off.

We at 3S POS have put together a list of five different hospitality tools that can help you stay productive in the Hospitality Industry. Be organized and on top of your game at any given moment.

1. Kitchen Display System

A Kitchen Display System empowers your chef’s and kitchen staff with a wealth of information to better manage table and takeaway orders as they come in. You’ll also gain an incredible amount of insight into what aspects you should be focusing on to better kitchen operations even further. Use kitchen reports to track the amount of time it takes your staff to fulfil each order. You’ll also be saving on printing costs and improving customer satisfaction drastically. Placing orders online through this system means they will be directed straight to the kitchen without one of your staff having to re-enter the order into the POS system.

2. Telephone & Online ordering

When integrated with your landline and our online ordering system; we can offer a streamlined process for managing collection and delivery orders over the phone and via your website. With the tap of your index finger, you’ll be able to pull up customer’s details before even answering the phone. You can view all online orders at a mere glance, even send orders that have already been paid for straight through to the kitchen for preparation.

3. Stay current with Canva

Look, there’s no point in having a smoothly operating spot with the most delectable menu, ambience and dedicated staff in town if no one knows about you. So digital marketing is obviously crucial. Your content needs to look great. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when advertising online.

With each day that passes, people’s minds are being moulded more and more – simply through how easily accessible things are. So naturally, those swipes and scrolls are getting quicker by the minute. Canva is a user-friendly tool in which you can create beautiful, visually delightful designs. From logos to featured pictures for all social media platforms. If you want to go old school, you can even use a poster maker to design posters and stickers.. It’s so simple to use. Check out Canva features here.

4. Maintain customer loyalty with Mail Chimp

Manage your email database and marketing in one platform. Create and schedule automated emails that follow up on customer experiences, nurture leads, and provide recommendations or menu updates (specials, new dishes etc.) to customers.

It’s crucial to keep your consumers coming back. You need them to tell their friends and family about their encounter at your establishment. Build long-lasting relationships with them by staying in contact and offering them unique experiences. You can design mailers that are visually attractive with the inclusion of hyperlinks and pictures, making the communication process between your business and its patrons more interactive and most importantly, a lot more personal.

5. Handheld EPOS System

The job of a waiter is one of intense multitasking and it’s not for the faint of heart. But as a consumer, there’s nothing worse than when a waiter/waitress gets your order wrong or when there’s a delay in its arrival. Not only do you have to wait longer for your food but it’s also really awkward. A little confrontation in front of friends and family or even colleagues isn’t ideal. So a handheld ordering solution will certainly prove advantageous for your restaurant.

Speed up tableside order taking with hardly any errors by making use of our wireless EPOS handheld device. It’s a modern handheld ordering solution that lets you easily connect & sync with your EPOS system, making your order taking process quick and easy.

6. Reservation Management Software

Efficiently managing reservations is paramount in ensuring smooth service flow and maximizing your restaurant's capacity. With reservation management software, you can streamline the booking process, track guest preferences, and reduce no-shows. Plus, it provides valuable data insights to help you optimize seating arrangements and staffing levels for peak times.

7. Employee Scheduling Apps

Scheduling staff shifts can be a daunting task, especially in a fast-paced environment where flexibility is key. Employee scheduling apps simplify this process by allowing you to create and adjust schedules seamlessly. They take into account factors like staff availability, skill sets, and labor costs, helping you maintain optimal staffing levels while minimizing conflicts.

8. Feedback & Review Platforms

Understanding your customers' experiences is essential for continual improvement. FFeedback and review platforms enable you to gather insights directly from your guests, whether through survey makers, comment cards, or online reviews. By actively listening to feedback, you can identify areas for enhancement, address any issues promptly, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

9. Inventory Management Systems

Keeping track of inventory levels, ingredient costs, and supplier information is crucial for controlling expenses and minimizing waste. Inventory management systems provide real-time visibility into your stock, automate reordering processes, and generate comprehensive reports for better decision-making. By optimizing inventory management, you can reduce food costs, prevent shortages, and ensure consistent quality in your offerings.

10. Training & Development Platforms

Investing in your staff's training and development is an investment in the success of your business. Training platforms offer interactive courses, training presentations, tutorials, and resources to upskill your team members in various areas, from food safety and customer service to leadership and management. By empowering your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to excel, you can elevate service standards, boost morale, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

So there you have it. A few of our many solutions as well as some external hospitality tools that we believe in. They’ll definitely help you stay productive in the hospitality industry as well as the hospitality tools.

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