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EPOS Solutions - Enterprise Features

POS Software Enterprise Features

Head Office Management

Our comprehensive Enterprise solutions enable your head office staff to take full control of your entire operations remotely; manage branches, users, stock, menu changes, offers, discounts, marketing campaigns, advanced reports, and view live sales data from anywhere with an internet connection. You can choose to schedule or make changes at once across all branches or select individual branches that may have unique offerings or that you may want to operate differently.

Distribution Centre Management

For multisite enterprises who require Distribution Centre Management (DC), we have created tools to enable individual branches to order stock direct from the DC. The DC can then control the picking and the dispatch of stock items to branches. Branches also have the ability to request stock from other branches, accept stock transfer requests and mark transfers as received to update stock levels to the correct figure.

Purchase Order Management

Create and manage purchase orders to suppliers directly from your 3S POS system, track all orders that are placed, received/part-received and paid from one intuitive screen. Email purchase orders directly to suppliers from the EPOS system and when orders are marked as received or part-received the stock levels update automatically to the correct values.

Enterprise Features

Enterprise Stock Control

A powerful yet very easy to use stock control manager with real time stock information, costs, and wastage. Control multiple suppliers, purchasing, and stock transfer between branches, manufacture in-house stock items from other stock items, carry out stock take and adjustments all from one system.

Multi-site Management

Our Enterprise Multi-site features give you the ability to control your entire estate located anywhere around the world. See live sales and reports, make changes to settings, menus, products and prices live or schedule for future dates on either individual sites, groups of sites or across your entire sites.

Multi Language

If you are expanding out to new territories it is possible to adapt the 3S POS to the local language to give your staff a more familiar experience. We can convert all system prompts and settings to any language of your choice for maximum efficiency and control.

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