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Inventory Management

EPOS Solutions - Inventory Management Features

3S POS Inventory System Features

Revamp your inventory management capabilities with the powerful 3S POS Inventory System, designed to cater to diverse industries. 

Our all-inclusive system boasts cutting-edge features including automated stock monitoring, efficient supplier management, recipe costing, barcode integration, and robust allergen and nutritional tracking for heightened precision and safety. 

Key features include; internal ordering, retail management, SKU tracking, and intelligent forecasting to maintain optimal stock levels. 

Our system streamlines the reordering process with customizable settings and enables hassle-free management across multiple storage sites for optimal inventory control.

POS Inventory Management Features

Tailored CRM solutions; driving business growth seamlessly.

Purchasing & Supplier Management

Allows the creation and management of purchase orders with ease. Keeps track of supplier performance and automate ordering through electronic data interchange (EDI) integration. This streamlines the entire purchasing process, saving time and effort.

Processes & Accurate Cost Management

With sales and consumption tracking features, the system closely monitors inventory levels in relation to sales data. This correlation allows for better demand forecasting and proactively manage inventory levels to meet demand.

Reporting and Analytics

Reward your customers for being loyal and they will keep on coming. Easy to manage customer loyalty schemes, promotional offers and vouchers with integrated social media and email marketing tools to help you manage your campaigns. Target customers with offers based on their age, gender, last visit, amount spent, location and products purchased.

Comprehensive Allergen Tracking

Allow tagging of each stock item with the relevant allergens. Offers filtering and warning mechanisms to safeguard against any adverse reactions in both recipes and manufactured items. Intuitive interface makes it easy to enter and update allergen information. includes dynamic recipe overall allergen value.

Dietary & Nutritional Information

Allows for the input of detailed nutritional information for each item. Utilize the nutritional data collected to calculate the overall nutritional value of recipes and manufactured items. Automatically sums up the nutritional values of all ingredients used, to provide a complete nutritional snapshot of the finished product. 

Recipe Management

Calculate food costs and manage recipe cards. Easily track ingredient usage and support manufacturing processes, ensuring efficient production.

Waste Management

Efficiently monitor and reduce waste to improve cost control and promote environmental sustainability.

Barcode Utilisation

Track inventory effortlessly with seamless barcode utilisation. Includes barcode generation and printing to ensure accurate inventory management.

User Management & Security

Maintain the security of the inventory records with user management and security feature. Controls user access rights to protect your valuable data.

Streamlined Internal Supply & Order Management

Advanced Internal Supplier and Warehouse Management Module with an automated Order Processing and Tracking System. This combined module ensures real-time inventory synchronization across warehouses and company locations, maintaining accurate stock levels. It supports tailored ordering rules for varying demands and automates order fulfilment, from placement to inventory allocation and stock updates, optimizing the internal supply chain process.

Retail Inventory Management

Effectively handle a variety of retail products, including packaged goods. Manage stock levels and set reorder points to ensure consistent availability. Organize and group retail items for efficient management. Assign and monitor Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) to track inventory.

Inventory Valuation, Forecasting & Replenishment

FIFO-Based inventory valuation. Utilize sales data to forecast demand and automate replenishment processes to maintain ideal stock levels.

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