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Vouchers & Gift Cards

Seamless Generation of Personalized Vouchers & Gift Cards within 3S POS System

Struggling to retain customers at your restaurant? Want to keep loyal customers coming through the door?

Step right into the world of 3S POS Vouchers & Gift Cards, where we have an array of options to fulfil your gifting needs. From specialized meal vouchers to versatile gift cards, we have the perfect solution for every occasion. Our system is designed to elevate your dining and gifting experience, making it seamless and personalized.

3S POS Gift Card Features

Effortless Activation & Reloading

With our instant activation and reloading feature, you can easily activate and top up gift cards without any hassle.

Balance Transparency & Alerts

Keep your customers connected with their gift card balance 24/7 through our real-time balance check. Never let your customers miss out on using their gift cards with our automated expiry alerts.

Boosting Customer Loyalty & Convenience

Enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat business with our convenient and flexible gifting and shopping options.

3S POS Voucher Features

Seamless Redemption at Select Locations

Experience the freedom and convenience of using vouchers at handpicked branches or within a curated collection of locations. Redeem effortlessly through multiple channels such as the till system, self-service kiosks, our specialized restaurant app, or for online orders.

Innovative Voucher Generation

Unleash the power of our head office EPOS system's back office or the in-store till to effortlessly generate vouchers. You also have the option to print them directly using the receipt printer.

Customizable Voucher Features

Customizable features such as validity periods, start and expiration dates, day and time restrictions, and the option of no expiration date, offer unparalleled flexibility.

3S POS Voucher Features

Versatility for Every Need

Our vouchers are versatile, suitable for both single-use and multiple uses, ensuring we cater to your unique needs.

Variety of Voucher Options

Meal-specific vouchers, with options for specific meals, menu items or our percentage discount vouchers.

Customized Voucher Delivery & Enhancements

Digital via email or text, or the traditional feel of physical vouchers, delivered by mail or in person.

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