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Online Ordering System

White-Label Online Ordering for Restaurant & Takeaways
Embrace Change

Unlock the Power of Online Food Ordering with Our Restaurant-Focused Solution

Introducing the commission-free online ordering system for restaurants and takeaways

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Introducing the commission-free, white-label online ordering system for restaurants and takeaways.

Welcome to Your Restaurant's Online Ordering Website!

Are you looking to boost your restaurant's online presence and increase your revenue? Our Online Ordering is the answer you've been searching for. 

We make it easy for your customers to order food online. Be it through user-friendly website and app or QR code ordering. Say goodbye to costly monthly fees and hello to efficient, profit-boosting solutions!

Key Features Of Our Online Ordering System

Elevate customer relationships with tailored CRM solutions; driving business growth seamlessly.

ZERO Percent Commission

Our restaurant web ordering system is commission-free, allowing you growing to business instead of worrying about costs.

EPOS & Kitchen Integration

The website seamlessly integrates with our EPOS Systems, Kitchen Display Systems and Kitchen Printers.

Website Integration

The ordering page will be instantly available to your customers once linked with your website via a button.

Elevate customer relationships with tailored CRM solutions; driving business growth seamlessly.

Multi-site Ordering

Take orders for one location or multiple locations with postcode search, our system will adapt to your business growth

Responsive Design

100% responsive design to adapt to any device screen size, whether it's a desktop, tablet or a mobile phone.

White Label

The ordering website comes fully branded with your logo, brand colours and product images to ensure consistency.

Embrace Change

Elevate customer relationships with tailored CRM solutions; driving business growth seamlessly.

Tailored CRM solutions; driving business growth seamlessly.

FAQs about Online Ordering for Restaurants

Are you a restaurant owner looking to increase your online visibility, get orders online and streamline your digital solutions? A restaurant website with online ordering may be the perfect solution for you. Here are some frequently asked questions about this digital tool.

What is a white label restaurant or takeaway ordering system?
A white label online ordering system is custom website, that lets customers place orders directly on your restaurant's site. You can personalize the website with your restaurant's logo and colors. Customers can access your restaurant's online ordering through your website or a direct link. They can browse your menu, select items, customize and place their order. The website then sends the order directly to the restaurant's kitchen for preparation. Customers can choose to pick up their order or have it delivered to their location. You can connect your loyalty programs, send order updates through push notifications, and build customer loyalty.
What are the benefits of using an online ordering website for restaurants?
An online ordering website has several benefits. It can increase your online visibility, making it easier for customers to find and order from your restaurant. An ordering system helps you streamline the ordering process, reduce the chances of errors and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, it can help you gather valuable data on customer ordering habits and preferences.
How can it increase my online visibility?
By having a ordering website for takeaway or delivery, you are creating another online presence for your restaurant. This can help you reach a wider audience and attract new customers to easily find and order from your restaurant.
Will the website have my branding?
You can customize the online ordering website to match your branding requirements. You can choose the layout, colors, and branding to match your restaurant's aesthetic. You can also add your menu items and update them as needed. This allows you to maintain your restaurant's unique identity while providing a seamless online ordering experience for your customers.
How do I build an online ordering website?
Launching a white label online ordering website is easy. Get in touch with 3S POS to get a free demo before we set up a website and integrate it with your current systems.
Can I also build a mobile app for ordering?
Yes, having both websites and mobile ordering app can be useful for growing your business. Get in touch with 3S POS to build an iOS and android app.
Is it cost-effective to have an online restaurant ordering website?
Building an online ordering website can be a cost-effective solution for your restaurant. It eliminates the need for third-party delivery apps, which often charge high commission fees. It also streamlines the ordering process, reducing the chances of errors and increasing efficiency.

Ready to elevate your restaurant's online ordering experience?

Join 3S POS and enjoy the benefits of zero commission, adaptable multi-site ordering, with seamless EPOS integration. Make restaurant management easy!

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