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3S POS CRM Features

The 3S POS CRM system, when working in conjunction with the 3S POS loyalty app, becomes a powerful tool tailored for restaurants aiming to enhance customer loyalty and engagement. Central to the system is a detailed customer database, which supports personalized experiences and a dynamic loyalty program that adapts to customer preferences. Targeted marketing tools, and insightful analytics for data-driven decisions. All secured with robust security protocols. This CRM solution is not just a technological tool but a strategic asset for restaurants, fostering lasting customer relationships and building a loyal customer base.

POS Software CRM Features

Customer Database Module

The heart of the CRM system lies in its Customer Database Module, where a wealth of information about customers is housed. This vital database contains everything from personal information and contact details to customer preferences and past interactions with the restaurant, including previous orders and valuable feedback.

Loyalty Program Management

This module is dedicated to the efficient management of our loyalty program. It tracks customer points, rewards, and redemption, making it a seamless process. With this feature, you can easily create and customize different loyalty tiers, special offers, and carefully personalize rewards for our valuable customers.

Communication Module

Marketing communication is a crucial component of the restaurant's operations. By utilizing it to send push notifications, emails, and SMS, the restaurant is able to effectively communicate with customers. This means personalized offers and event updates can be sent out, along with helpful reminders, tailored to each individual customer's preferences and past interactions.

Management Features

Campaign Management

Easily create and oversee effective marketing campaigns. Easily segment your customers using various criteria, such as visit frequency, average spend, and preferences, and tailor personalized campaigns to reach your target audience.

Analytics & 

Insights on Customer Behaviour and Campaign Success. Analytics play a crucial role in understanding customer behaviour and the impact of marketing efforts. This module will offer valuable information on customer preferences, campaign efficacy, sales patterns, and more.

User Access & Security

Ensuring user access and security are essential components of our CRM, as it enables staff members to access specific areas and ensures data security and compliance with privacy regulations.

Management Features

Mobile App Interface

An effective mobile app interface is crucial for a CRM system with a loyalty app. Not only should it cater to the needs of both customers and staff, but it must also facilitate easy navigation to loyalty program features, push notifications, and customer interaction for a seamless experience.

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