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POS Software Hospitality Features

Kitchen Display System

A Kitchen Display System empowers your chefs and kitchen staff with a wealth of information to better manage table and takeaway orders as they come in, ensuring a streamlined kitchen operation. This helps process orders more efficiently, save printing costs, and improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and ensuring orders are prepared accurately and promptly.

Telephone & Online Ordering

When integrated with your telephone line and our online ordering system; we can offer a streamlined process for managing collection and delivery orders over the phone and via your website. With the touch of a button pull up customer’s details before even answering the phone, view all online orders at a glance and send paid orders automatically to the kitchen for preparation.

Graphical Table Management

At a glance; see all tables that are available, occupied or ready to pay to manage your seating efficiently with our Graphical Table Manager. View and control different sections and floors fluidly with intuitive colour codes to notify the status of a table. Integrated with our table booking system you can have further control of your seating visually with automated solutions to maximise efficiency.

Hospitality Features

Live Table Bookings

Live table bookings give you total control over your reservations whether it is a walk-in customer or an online booking. Our smart table configuration tools allow automatic management of your reservations and availability of tables, booking time slots and cancellations. Integrated with our graphical table management tools; the 3S POS EPOS system can cleverly manage how tables can be combined with min and max covers to manage bookings as efficiently as possible, all in real-time and with minimum human input.

Handheld Ordering Solutions

Speed up tableside order taking with our handheld ordering solutions. Have the full power of the 3S POS system in your palms with our handheld tablets for a faster and a more efficient order taking process. 3S POS wireless EPOS handheld devices are one of the modern handheld ordering solutions that lets you easily connect & sync with your EPOS system, making your order taking process quick and easy.

Scale Integration

3S POS can seamlessly integrate with most digital scale systems available in the market. This integration not only enhances the speed of your sales but also ensures accurate and efficient weighing and pricing of items. By automating the weighing and pricing process, you can significantly reduce human errors, improve transaction speed, and enhance the overall customer experience. Whether you're selling items by weight or need precise measurements, our system makes the sales process smoother and more reliable.

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