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People Management

EPOS Solutions - HR & Staff Management Features

3S POS People Management System Features

3SPOS people system utilized to effectively manage staff schedules, monitor working hours, holidays requests and maintain optimal operations.

POS Software HR & Staff Management Features

Employee Scheduling Module

Allows managers to effortlessly create, publish, and manage employee shift schedules. With convenient features such as recurring shifts, shift swaps, and the ability to accommodate employee availability and time-off requests, this module is the ultimate tool for efficient and effective scheduling.

Time Tracking Module

Accurately logging the hours worked by employees. It encompass a clock-in and clock-out system, using biometric technology to ensure precision and eliminate fraudulent activities like buddy punching.

Leave Management Module

Efficiently managing and monitoring employee leave. With this module, employees can easily submit requests for vacation, sick leave, or personal time and managers can promptly approve or deny them as needed.

Management Features

Compliance Management

The module on Compliance Management plays a crucial role in upholding labour laws and regulations. By effectively managing work hours, overtime, and breaks, this module helps to prevent the exploitation of underage workers, such as scheduling them during school hours or exceeding the maximum working hours per week. This not only promotes compliance but also ensures fair and ethical treatment of workers.

Reporting & 

Innovative Reporting and Analytics module. By tracking labour costs, staff productivity, and attendance trends, this powerful tool empowers management to make data-driven decisions. Generate customized reports on hours worked, absenteeism rates, and labour cost analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of your team's performance.

User Access & Control

Flexible access control options for managers, supervisors, and employees, ensuring that everyone has the right level of control. Managers can easily edit schedules and approve time-off requests, while employees can simply view their schedules and submit requests.

Management Features

Streamline Staffing with Smart Forecasting

Effectively anticipates staffing requirements based on sales information. Utilise sales patterns to accurately forecast customer volume, allowing for precise and strategic staff allocation. Balances staffing levels that elevate customer service and decrease expenses, seamlessly adjusts to fluctuations in demand, ensuring your restaurant or store always delivers exceptional experiences.

Notification & Communication Module

Keep everyone informed and connected by sending timely updates on schedule changes, upcoming shifts, and leave request approvals. Additionally, it offers a messaging platform for seamless internal communication.

Accessibility Feature For Staff

Staff can effortlessly check schedules, clock in or out, and even request time off. Keep up with the fast-paced nature of the industry using our user-friendly app or module.

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