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Why Every Food & Beverage Business Needs An EPOS System


Six reasons why every food & beverage service needs super featured EPOS System for their businesses. Find out all about EPOS Systems.

If you are in the hospitality industry as either a food & beverage service, you may have already come across an EPOS system or have been recommended one. An EPOS restaurant system is essential to hoteliers, restaurant owners, bar owners and even café owners, regardless of how small or big the business is.

What is a restaurant POS system?

A restaurant POS system is a combination of hardware and software that is used to process transactions and manage sales in a restaurant. It is essentially a digital cash register that allows restaurants to process orders, accept payments, and manage inventory all in one place.

Here are five top reasons why it’s an essential component of any hospitality business. 

Faster food & beverage service preparation

When using an EPOS system, waiting staff don’t need to keep going back and forth between the tables and the preparation area. Once an order is taken, it reflects on the Kitchen Display Screen in the kitchen or preparation area, and the chef immediately sees the order. 

Efficient daily operations

Writing down many orders on paper can cause a lot of confusion. A restaurant POS system helps front of house staff take orders quickly and accurately. For the management, it is quick and easy to run accurate financial reports as the system tracks all transactions taken through the till. A restaurant POS system helps you make work in a much more efficient way, enabling your employees to focus on providing excellent customer service.

Detailed Sales Reports

EPOS systems also generate detailed sales reports, providing valuable insights into restaurant performance. These reports can include information such as top-selling items, busiest times of day, and average order value. This data can help restaurants make data-driven decisions to improve their operations and increase profits.

Improves customer service

The last thing any customer wants when they walk into a restaurant is to wait for their order for a long time or get the wrong order. Having a point of sale system helps effective communication between front of house and back of house staff, which in turn helps get the right orders to the right customers on time.

Reduces the risk of fraud

A restaurant has different management levels, and so does the POS system. Waiters and servers have access to information relevant to their role, while managers and directors can have the highest level of access to all information. Having a POS system also promotes transparency in business, preventing in-house theft and order manipulation. 

It can be integrated with other modules

To get the most use out of your restaurant POS system, you can incorporate it with other modules like accounting, purchasing, inventory and CRM to make management easier on all levels. It helps if your POS provider has software API’s and is open to third-party integration. A good POS partner will also be able to offer bespoke development to tailor the system to your exact needs.

If you want to implement a reliable EPOS till system to benefit your business, contact 3S POS to discover how our range of solutions can help you.

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