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What is Fairtrade Fortnight? How can your business contribute?


Fairtrade Fortnight is an NPO that supports the development of thriving farming and worker communities. Find out more about this.

Fairtrade Fortnight is run by Fairtrade, an NPO that supports the development of thriving farming and worker communities. In addition, they work towards better prices, decent working conditions, and fair terms of trade.

The organisation empowers the futures of marginalised farmers and workers from impoverished countries, therefore giving them more control over their futures while protecting the environment in which they live/work.

Products with the Fairtrade mark contain ingredients that have been produced by small-scale farmer organisations’ that meet the required social, economic, and environmental standards.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 will run from 27 February until 12 March.

Below are some ways UK retailers and their customers can get involved.

Stocking Fairtrade products

Whether you’re a supermarket, restaurant, beauty salon or clothing store stocking the following Fairtrade products will make the lives farmers and workers in developing countries more sustainable:

  • Bananas
  • Chocolate
  • Gold
  • Beauty products
  • Coffee
  • Cotton
  • Flowers
  • Sugar
  • Tea

There are over 4500 Fairtrade products for retail businesses to supply to customers that will guarantee producers a minimum price, a premium for community investment and opportunities for them to improve workplace conditions.

Spreading awareness

Fairtrade fortnight 2017 marks a two-week opportunity for campaigners, businesses, schools and religious organisations support the Fairtrade mission.

Your business can spread awareness in the following ways:

  • Distribute the Fairtrade Action Guide among your customer network.
  • Sign up to their newsletter and encourage others to.
  • Promote their online store.
  • Keep up to date with their campaigns.
  • Notify clients on events.
  • Distribute their resource library.
  • With their permission and where applicable, apply the Fairtrade mark to your products or online efforts.

Where 3S POS fit in with Fairtrade Fortnight?

With our enterprise stock control system retail and hospitality business can effectively manage Fairtrade stock in real-time.

Our advanced EPOS business reports will allow you to observe the difference your business is making to farmers and workers in developing countries.

3S POS technology will accommodate any campaigns you put in please to raise awareness about Fairtrade fortnight 2017. With world-class customer relationship management software, your business can conduct highly targeted email and social media marketing campaigns to promote Fairtrade.

Furthermore, if good will and affecting a positive change in the world doesn’t convince your customers to purchase and spread awareness about Fairtrade products our loyalty & promotions management systems keep can help you help others in the following ways:

  • Loyalty points – Offer customers loyalty products on all/selected Fairtrade products.
  • Discounting – Offer discounts on Fairtrade products and commit to covering the discount as a donation [Be transparent about your reasons for donating by producing social media and email marketing campaigns centred around social responsibility]
  • Deals – Provide discount pricing on any Fairtrade product.
  • Campaigns – As mentioned above: Create targeted customer marketing emails that are fully personalised towards promoting the message of Fairtrade fortnight 2017 and how your customers can contribute.

Our Loyalty and Promotion Management software is just one of many EPOS solutions that can be personalised so retail and hospitality businesses change the lives of the millions of people struggling in developing countries.

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