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Top Trends for Restaurant POS Systems


Restaurant POS systems are considered as the best way to handle your business and your staff. Keep up with the latest trends.

New year, new trends. But what are the newest ones we should be looking out for your restaurant business? And how can you be using them to the best of your ability? Have you heard about Restaurant POS systems?

Restaurant Point Of Sale System Trends

This year, there is going to be a lot of changes surrounding the way we do things and how we manage our businesses. Forward-thinking is one of the main things that we should be concentrating on this year. Your POS systems can only get better, and let us give you a heads up, it will get better, in a way you never thought possible.

Below we have highlighted the top trends you should be looking out for.

Self Service Kiosks

Over the years, there has been a slight change in the way we look at self-service. Now, there is a push to make it something we use on a more regular basis. Restaurants are looking to make their experience completely self-service. 

Fast-food will become faster and operational costs will in turn decrease. Order accuracy will also be more precise as the customer will be the one taking it down and getting what they wanted in the beginning. Add kitchen display systems or KDS for even more order accuracy and easy table management.

The self-service kiosks idea is becoming something that fast food chains or quick service restaurants, including McDonald’s, have already started considering. Having a user-friendly interface and reliable system ensures happier clients and even customer loyalty. When the customer feels in control, there is no wrong way you could go.

Actionable Tip: 

  • Implement self-service kiosks to streamline ordering processes and reduce operational costs. Ensure the system is user-friendly and intuitive to create a seamless customer experience.
  • Offer incentives for customers to use self-service options, such as exclusive discounts or loyalty programs and gift cards, to encourage adoption and enhance customer satisfaction.

Sensors/ Facial recognition

Smile. Wait. Payment accepted. Imagine, that simple.

Businesses continue to think around the thought of “What will make it easier for the consumer?” And we can agree that leaving your wallet at home and being able to pay with just a smile is the way forward. No more malfunctions of your card, and no more forgetting it behind. Because, well, there is no tangible way of leaving your face behind.

Not only will it help with payments, but it will also greatly improve technology around the kitchen and business. Refrigerator doors will open by monitor usage, allowing data to drive more efficiency. Customer service will be greatly improved.

Actionable Tip: 

  • Explore integrating facial recognition technology for streamlined payments and improved customer experiences. Invest in reliable systems that prioritise security and privacy.
  • Leverage sensor technology beyond payments, such as monitoring kitchen equipment usage for improved efficiency and maintenance scheduling system for restaurants.


With the help of self-service, customers will be able to add their extra piece of lettuce without having to ask a waiter, them to mistype it and to never see that piece of lettuce again.

Personalisation and order customisation is going to go a long way. With data being used for almost everything, businesses will know what their customers want and what they do not want. It will allow for new and trendy items to come up on the menu and will keep everything fresh and up to date. More build-your-own options will start to pop up, and your restaurant POS software will start to recognise customers and their previous orders.

Actionable Tip: 

  • Utilise customer data gathered through self-service and POS systems to personalise the dining experience. Offer customised menu options and promotions based on individual preferences and purchase history.
  • Encourage customers to create profiles or loyalty accounts to track their preferences and offer tailored recommendations, creating a sense of exclusivity and engagement.

Mobile delivery/payments

There has been an increase in technology related to payments and delivery. With both being connected to your mobile device, it is no surprise that consumers would take a liking to it. There is more opportunity for payments to be made quicker, giving more room and time for the next orders and payments to come rolling through.

Actionable Tip: 

  • Integrate mobile payment and online ordering options into your POS system to cater to the growing demand for convenience. Ensure seamless synchronisation between mobile platforms and POS systems for efficient order processing.
  • Optimise your website and mobile app for easy navigation and quick transactions, providing a user-friendly experience that encourages repeat business.

Considering Restaurant Point of Sale Software

With these latest trends to look out for, there is a lot our businesses can do to prepare. But most importantly, businesses should be open to change. These are new opportunities. Ones that everyone should take full advantage of. There are remarkable things to come!

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