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Top Tips for Managing Multiple Restaurant Sites


Top tips for managing multiple restaurant sites at the same time without any hassle. It depends mostly on working on the restaurant systems.

Your small restaurant business suddenly boomed and now you find yourself trying to juggle more than one restaurant location. Good for you! Find out more about managing multiple restaurant sites at the same time. However, this can be overwhelming.

The success of managing multiple restaurant sites depends on working on the restaurant systems and not in the restaurant itself. With the right preparation, managerial skills, operational systems and dedicated employees to help you. It doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

Tips for managing multiple restaurant sites

  1. Invest in an enterprise EPOS system that can handle the demands of running multiple restaurant sites smoothly. The 3S POS industry-leading EPOS systems provide a unified solution with enterprise-level multi-site features that give you the ability to control your entire businesses located anywhere in the world. It allows you to see live sales, reports, make changes to settings and menus for either one or more sites.
  2. Communication is the key to multi-site collaboration. With the advent of the Internet and the prolific surge in the number of collaborative tools that have come from it, technology has become an integral part of the backbone for any global organization.
  3. Keep procedures consistent and don’t micromanage. With the 3S POS Head Office Management feature, you can take full control of your entire restaurants' operations remotely.  Your head office can then manage all your different branches, system users, stock, offers, marketing campaigns and much more.  You can choose to make changes to one branch, or across all branches all at once.
  4. Hire the right people. Having qualified and proactive managers is very important.  Take time to create a transparent management system.  This will ultimately make operations much smoother, improve customer service and simplify communications.
  5. Adopt a powerful yet easy to use stock control manager with real-time stock information, costs and wastage. With 3S POS, you can control multiple suppliers, purchasing and stock transfer between branches, manufacture in-house stock items from other stock items, carry out stock take and adjustments all from one system.  It also allows you to create and issue purchase orders to suppliers or distribution centre.

Restaurant Managers

Managing multiple restaurant sites can be daunting.  However, if restaurant owners adopt the correct collaboration and operational systems, this will free them to interact with customers. And also identify new business opportunities and support community initiatives. Let 3S POS help you become a better business owner and achieve success through smooth and seamless restaurant operations.

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