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Top 3 Restaurant Challenges & How Managers Overcome Them


Restaurant challenges are growing recently. The best way to overcome them is to understand the reason that caused them right. Read this blog to find out more.

Managing a restaurant is a tough position to have.  Any position as a manager usually says two things: you are a team leader and you know how to get results.  These two skills are exceptionally important in the food industry to help you overcome your restaurant challenges.

Restaurant managers face a wide array of different challenges daily.  Here are the top 3 challenges and solutions to overcome them.

1. Inventory Management

Inventory managers can be reluctant to change their systems.

Spreadsheets and paper systems are old school and have big margins for errors. Introducing a new inventory management software might bring you some back-lash, but once you’ve demonstrated the benefits and show users how it can free up their time, they’ll slowly come around. 3S POS EPOS systems have a built-in purchase order management system that can help inventory managers send purchase orders to a list of suppliers directly from the system. Track all orders and easily manage stock that has been received/part-received and paid for in full – all from one screen.  The best feature of this incredible system is that once your orders have been received, your stock levels automatically update to the correct values! No more scribbling stock numbers down on paper or manually entering figures into spreadsheets!


  • Introduce new inventory management software gradually, demonstrating its benefits and time-saving features to inventory managers. Show them how it streamlines processes and reduces errors.
  • Invest in EPOS systems like 3S POS that offer built-in purchase order management. Highlight features such as direct ordering from suppliers, order tracking, and automatic stock updates to emphasise efficiency gains.
  • Provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to staff transitioning to the new system to ensure smooth adoption and usage.

2. Staff Management

When it comes to managing restaurant staff, there are various challenges you will likely have to face.

Cultural barriers, language barriers, high turnover rate and staff training are just a few challenges to name a few. 3S POS EPOS systems come equipped with an HR module that can make these challenges a lot simpler for you.  For example, you can easily capture and record employee records from any location. You can easily put together weekly rotas and customise shifts. Monitoring staff working hours is super simple, allowing you to accurately calculate wages, relevant tax and salary details for each employee.


  • Use EPOS systems with HR modules to simplify communication and management across diverse staff. Utilise features like employee record management from any location and customisable shift scheduling.
  • Leverage HR modules to monitor staff working hours accurately, calculate wages, taxes, and other relevant details effortlessly. This ensures compliance and minimises administrative overhead.
  • Implement regular staff training programs to enhance skills and reduce turnover. Use the capabilities of EPOS systems to track training progress and identify areas for improvement.

3. Customer Service Management

Customer service is a vital part of running a successful restaurant.

It doesn’t matter how great your food is, if the service isn’t good, your customers are not likely to return. Happy customers will almost certainly spread the word about how great their experience was and will likely come back again and again.  As a restaurant manager, it’s important to tackle customer service from all aspects. Not only is it good to keep a record of happy customers, but handling customer complaints is just as important. All 3S POS systems come with an intuitive customer relationship manager to capture vital customer information. The more you know about your customers, the more you learn about your business.


  • Recognise the importance of customer service in driving repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. Use EPOS systems with customer relationship management (CRM) features to capture and analyse customer data effectively.
  • Encourage staff to address customer complaints promptly and effectively. Utilize CRM tools to track customer feedback and identify areas for improvement.

Many restaurant management processes are manual and archaic and it’s near impossible to run a restaurant without it’s a day to day challenges. However, by just ensuring you have a good quality EPOS system, you will find the number of these challenges drastically reduce and you’re able to run a more efficient and effective operation.

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