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By now you have probably had your client base established, renovated the interior of your premises with the latest colour and decor, yet, you just can’t seem to get your business to the next level. We have the missing piece to transit your hospitality business from just barely breaking to phenomenal success.

Today more than ever, more and more people are turning to the internet; not just for social purposes, but rather for goods and services too. It is often said that putting a business online is equivalent to opening a hotel next to the market place, one is bound to sell more as a result of the huge human traffic.

The last ingredient to making your restaurant successful is by achieving one essential yet very elusive trait as a business owner: efficiency. This can only be achieved by integrating your entire business model onto an EPOS. This includes day-to-day operations such as making reservations, personnel/ human resource management, inventory management, and inter-department communication.

Best Restaurant Management Tools:

Making reservations

Allowing customers to make a reservation over an epos system is as efficient as it can get. Customers can get to know what it is they are buying long before embarking on the drive to the restaurant. One can know the availability of seats, the cuisines being served and can even order a chef’s special so that they can be served just minutes after arriving at the restaurant.

Human resource management

A perfect integrated management system provides for the management of human capital. This allows the management to ensure that the personnel at the restaurant at any given time is at its optimum. This feature will ultimately lead to improved speed of service, customer satisfaction and better working conditions for your employees.

Inventory management

With EPOS, a restaurant can take control of its inventory with ease, especially for a hospitality business. This gives the management the power to know what ingredients are in stock and what needs to be bought depending on the needs of that particular time.

Streamlined Communication

Enhance inter-department communication within your hospitality business with an EPOS system. Real-time communication between the kitchen, serving staff, and management ensures seamless operations and a smoother dining experience for your customers.

Table Turnaround Time

Utilize the efficiency of an POS system to optimize table turnaround time. With quick and accurate order processing, your restaurant can serve more customers without compromising on service quality, leading to increased revenue.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Implement customer loyalty programs effortlessly with your POS till system. Rewarding loyal customers with discounts, promotions, or special offers becomes a breeze, fostering customer retention and encouraging repeat business.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage the data collected by your restaurant EPOS system to make informed business decisions. Analyze customer preferences, peak hours, and popular menu items to refine your strategies and enhance the overall performance of your hospitality business.

Contactless Payments

In the era of digital transactions, ensure your EPOS system supports contactless payments. Providing customers with a secure and convenient payment option not only improves the overall customer experience but also aligns with current trends in payment preferences.

Mobile Ordering and Payments

Embrace the trend of mobile convenience by integrating mobile ordering and payment options into your EPOS system. Allow customers to order from their smartphones, enhancing the convenience of the dining experience and reducing wait times.

Integration with Online Platforms

Expand your reach by integrating your POS system with online platforms and delivery services. This enables you to tap into the growing market of online food orders and delivery, opening up new revenue streams for your hospitality business.

Staff Training and Onboarding

Simplify staff training and onboarding processes with user-friendly EPOS systems. The intuitive nature of the interface ensures that new staff members can quickly adapt to the system, reducing training time and minimizing errors.

Customizable Reporting

Take advantage of Advanced POS reporting features. Tailor reports to track specific metrics relevant to your business goals, providing insights that help you refine strategies, optimize resources, and drive profitability.

Security and Fraud Prevention

Emphasize the security features of your chosen EPOS system. Highlight how it protects sensitive customer information and helps prevent fraudulent activities, instilling confidence in both your customers and your team.

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