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POS Online Ordering System Features


POS online ordering system features have managed to cover all hospitality business needs. Find out all POS online ordering system features.

The hospitality industry has always been a demanding industry with a bright prospect of worldwide ceaseless growth and profit. At the same time, it is also one of the most affected industry in the current global Covid-19 pandemic with the new government limitation that is currently in place. Shutting down restaurants has now caused unprecedented movement within the hospitality sector. POS online ordering system features have managed to cover all your business needs.

In view of this, 3S POS has an Online Ordering System for those affected restaurants and dark kitchens to take control and have the option to run their business without shutting down completely.

What is an Online Ordering System?

An Online Ordering System is one of the most convenient ways for restaurants and dark kitchens to maintain their business online. The system connects the customers to your business which allows customers to order online without having to leave their homes. The item(s) will then be delivered to the customer’s doorstep

Key Features of 3S POS Online Ordering System:

Seamless EPOS & Kitchen Display Integration:

Integration of the Online Ordering System with Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) and Kitchen Display Systems ensures streamlined operations, enhancing efficiency and order accuracy.

Integration with Delivery Aggregators:

By integrating with popular delivery aggregators like Deliveroo and UberEats, the Online Ordering System expands the reach of restaurants, tapping into a broader customer base without incurring hefty commission fees.

No Commission Fees:

Unlike traditional delivery platforms that levy significant commission fees, 3S POS Online Ordering System empowers restaurants with a commission-free model, allowing them to retain a larger share of their profits.

Multi-Site Management:

For restaurant chains or establishments with multiple locations, the Online Ordering System offers centralised management capabilities, enabling efficient oversight and control across various sites.

Fully Branded & Responsive Ordering Page:

The system provides restaurants with a fully branded and responsive ordering page, reflecting their unique identity and ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.

Visual Menu with Modifier Management:

With visually appealing menus and comprehensive modifier management features, the Online Ordering System enhances customer engagement and facilitates customisation, catering to diverse preferences.

Easy Setup:

Designed for simplicity, the system offers easy setup, minimising downtime and allowing restaurants to swiftly transition to online operations.

Monthly Rolling Contract:

The Online Ordering System offers the flexibility of a monthly rolling contract, providing restaurants with the freedom to adapt their subscription based on evolving needs and market conditions, without long-term commitments or lock-ins.

With the new in forced “stay at home” government rule, the online orders will significantly increase subsequently, this is the best time for your business to start making sales online. All of this may appear to be a complex process, however, with the 3S POS Online Ordering System, we assist businesses with creating their own and easy-to-use system which is completely safe, secure and effective.

This shows you how it’s still possible to run your business as everything is feasible in the hospitality industry. And also you can discover more about our EPOS systems for other business industries.

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