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Influencers in the Hospitality Industry


The advantages of having influencers on marketing your hospitality business and the top five choices to make it in the right way.

Having influencers on something means two things:

  • You are good at what you do.
  • You can make those around you trust in your ideas.

The hospitality industry is one that needs that kind of trust. Trust between consumer and business, trust between the product and the business, and trust within the brand identity of your business.

Finding influencers within your industry is something that can sometimes be hard to come by.


You need to ask yourself: How do you know if they truly are credible?

We decided to help you with this step and provide you with our top influencers within the hospitality space.

1. Cesar Ritz

The Hotel Ritz has made its mark around the world, and the man behind it had more than just the naming influence.

Cesar had an ability to not only understand the needs of his business but took the time to understand the needs and desires of his customers. This led him to grow a wealth of connections and a wealth of luxury services.

He built the idea of what a luxury hotel should be.

Following in his footsteps would be no easy feat, but one that would have a profound impact on your business.

2. Chip Conley

“I have a voracious appetite for life and my curious nature has served as a trusted compass. I simply seek transformation in all that I do.’ Someone of a more living existence is Chip Conley, who is a hospitality entrepreneur that seeks to disrupt the ideal business structure.

He takes inspiration from those who have inspired change and transformation themselves. He takes big risks and realizes that, without change, you will not be able to move with the fast-flowing hospitality economy.

As someone who formed part of the building blocks for Airbnb, he is one that should most certainly be listened to.

Twitter: @ChipConley

3. Daniel Edward Craig

Your reputation is everything, right?

Craig runs a social media strategy and reputation management consultancy for hotels. So, we think it is safe to say he knows what he is talking about.

His organization, Reknown, provides strategies and best practices for customer experience and reputation management.

We feel he is worth the follow.

Twitter: @dcraig

4. Conrad Hilton

Another legend that we felt needed to be here is Conrad Hilton. He may not have had his own twitter account, but he knew how to keep his customers happy. He started a franchise, one that I am sure everyone reading this has heard of; Hilton.

He fuelled American’s desire to travel the world and grew business on a global scale. Hilton became the first international hotel chain, which we feel deserves a place on the top influencers.

5. Social Hospitality

Developing your brand identity, as we mentioned in our previous blog, is crucial to any growing business. Social Hospitality helps people and their business build their identities and create engaging content that they know works.

They also look at the trends that relate to the hospitality industry and include SEO and customer service in their offers.

If you want to know the ins and out of social marketing that will relate directly to hospitality, follow them.

Twitter: @SocHospitality

The hospitality industry is forever changing, so you need to be sure that you are always on top of your game. You need to know what is working and what isn’t. You need to be sure that what you are doing is building a great reputation and is continuing to make your customers feel at home.

No matter what space you are in, whether you work in a luxury hotel or a five-star restaurant, you need to take note of these specific influencers. They are the ones who have had the first-hand experience into the world of hospitality and have shared their knowledge through different platforms.

For remarkable success and brilliant advice, make sure you are following these individuals. And the legends who have passed, well, take on their thoughts and use them to make your business above expectation.

The least you can do is follower these top influencers, past or present, and build the business you have today.

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