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How Technology Is Changing the Way Bar Patrons Drink


Restaurants, bars and pubs represent one of the oldest business models in existence. How Technology changes the way bar patrons drink.

Restaurants, bars and pubs represent one of the oldest business models in existence. Even so, the restless advance of technology hasn’t left them by the wayside. Aside from the universal benefits that digital technology is bringing to every kind of business in the hospitality industry. It is also changing how patrons drink and socialise in new and exciting ways…

Self-service ordering technology

With more and more fast food chains, restaurants and bars investing in mobile app development. An increasing number are taking it further by integrating it with their EPOS system, allowing patrons to order direct from their mobile device for table service. Not only does this mean spending less time queuing instead of catching up with friends, it also allows customers to see the full range of drinks available, which are usually difficult to spot behind a cluttered bar area. Customers can also be kept more easily informed about promotions which staff might not otherwise have the time to explain, saving them money in the process.

Digital menus

With the rise in app technology, it makes sense that in-bar displays should follow suit. As such, digital menus and beer boards are gradually replacing traditional paper menus which can often become outdated, stained and torn. This means drinks menus can be updated more easily to reflect an establishment’s current stock, including new arrivals. This is crucial for micropubs, microbreweries and other bars which are under pressure to rotate their beer selection. Digital menu displays are also often much larger, allowing for greater visibility, more legible text than those painstakingly written chalkboards. Digital menu boards can also display exciting images, tasting notes and allergy information. All in all? Customers no longer have to put up with wet or tatty menus lying around and can enjoy a more modern environment in which to drink.

Advanced inventory software

Managing inventory as efficiently as possible is a constant challenge bar and pub managers have to tackle, with low or old stock a real turn-off for patrons. Fortunately, inventory software is now more advanced than ever as modern systems can be linked up seamlessly with a bar’s existing point of sale technology. This allows for automatic re-ordering when stock is getting low, quick re-pricing, and various other helpful features. This is essential for all drinkers, but especially for products with a limited shelf-life such as cask beer. The benefit to customers is that they can enter an establishment safe in the knowledge they will always be able to get their favourite tipple or a fresh beverage.

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