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How POS Systems Will Help You This Festive Season


POS systems are designed to help you this festive season in several ways. Find out how Point of sale systems are helpful for businesses.

POS Systems

With the festive season fast approaching, there is a lot more that needs to be put into consideration. Have you got a plan to ensure that you will be on top of your game, more so as your customer base increases and the speed of sales heighten? Do you have a team of strong employees who will be around for the holidays? And do you have suitable POS Systems to make things that much easier?

The holidays are a time when the majority of people look for plenty of great dining experiences, as they have the time for it, but at the same time one that is fuss-free as they still have other things they want to get done.

Let’s take fast-food chains for example. If you are on a busy road trip and you are wanting to get to your destination, you do not need slow service to put a damper on any plans. There will also be a larger influx of customers, meaning you must get them in and out as soon as possible to ensure your sales are increasing within your operating times. So, how will Point of Sales ( POS Systems ) help you?

Online Reservations

The influx of customers you are going to get is going to increase substantially. You will have many walk-ins while at the same time you will have tables booked well in advance for those special occasions. Having as much control as possible over your reservations is crucial. Using POS Systems can be very effective for such cases.

Online reservations allow for just this. This smart table configuration tool allows automatic management of your reservations and availability of tables, booking time slots and cancellations. You will be able to manage your table bookings in a more concise and effective manner. It is definitely a tool that you should invest in. So make sure you get strong POS Systems that cover all this.

Kitchen Display Systems

All the magic happens in the kitchen. With a Kitchen Display System, you will be able to empower your chef and your kitchen staff, with fewer hiccups occurring. And you will finally be able to manage your kitchen in a more effective manner. With a wealth of information on offer to better manage table and takeaway orders, tasks are bound to run a lot more smoothly.

Having a Kitchen Display System is even more important if you are running a fast-food stop as you will need an efficient management system to get all orders in and out. Magic will not only happen in the kitchen but will begin to flow through your entire business.

Chip & Pin

Who wouldn’t want fast and convenient payment solutions when you’re on the go? You want your holiday experience to be one that isn’t you waiting in a queue because the till won’t open, or your slip won’t print out. The Chip and Pin System is just for your business.

With the PS Connect integration, intuitive Pay-At-Table features can be delivered directly from your PDQ machine without having to walk back to your POS systems to print bills or close tables. An integrated solution eliminates human input errors, turns tables faster and makes cash-up hassle-free with automatic reconciliation.


The holidays are the time where you finally get to travel and experience new places, new cultures and new languages. You need to be able to always have a clear channel of communication, no matter who walks in the door.

If you are expanding out to new territories, the Multi-Language POS Systems will allow you to adapt to the local language. You can convert all system prompts and settings to any language of your choice for maximum efficiency and control. This system helps you to cross any language barrier that may cause an issue.

Loyalty and Rewards 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the festive season, nurturing customer loyalty becomes paramount. That's where integrating a loyalty and rewards program into your POS system comes into play, elevating your customer relationship management to new heights. Picture this: as your establishment buzzes with holiday cheer, your loyal patrons are not only returning for their favourite meals but also enjoying exclusive perks and rewards tailored just for them.

Crafting a seamless loyalty program within your POS system offers a myriad of benefits. From tracking customer spending patterns to customising promotions, you can fine-tune your marketing strategies to resonate with your audience. With the holiday rush in full swing, a well-designed rewards program sets your business apart, fostering a sense of appreciation and belonging among your valued customers.

By seamlessly managing loyalty rewards through your POS system, you streamline operations and deepen customer engagement simultaneously. Whether it's earning points with every purchase or unlocking special offers, your patrons feel valued and incentivised to keep coming back for more. This festive season, let your loyalty program be the gift that keeps on giving, forging lasting connections and driving sustained success for your business.

At the end of the day, you are going to have an increase in consumers and you will be needing to keep them happier than ever. POS Systems give you the chance of taking them further. Make sure that this festive season truly is about giving. Giving your consumers an easy and efficient experience that they would want to come back to, and would want to recommend to other holiday goers!

Happy Holidays to you all from the 3S POS Team!

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