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How EPOS Make Fast-Food Chains Faster & Efficient


Find more about EPOS features that help fast-food chains achieve faster operation using a flawless system and enhance your business.

Being a fast-food chain or having several fast-food chains, you have certain connotations that are attached to you. Most significantly, you need to be producing and delivering your food with the utmost speed to your customers.

In order to do so, you need to have systems in place that are flawless, with a ‘machine’ like process of order, making, packaging, and delivering in place.

For those reasons, the Electronic Point of Sale or EPOS system is the perfect fit for you, and we are going to tell you why.

Let’s take you through a few reasons why the EPOS system will make your fast-food chain faster than it already is.

Quick service & Takeaway POS System

Payments Received

When ordering from your fast-food chain, which payment options are customers most likely going to use, cash or card?


As a result, POS systems are attached to cash registers or cash drawers, activating them upon confirming the amount received from the customer.

On the other hand, card payments are becoming more and more popular, which has resulted in the development of point of sale systems, allowing credit card payment processing directly or from a 3rd party card reader.

Digital Slips Sent To The Kitchen

Are your cooks getting orders wrong because the cashiers are still having to send printed slips to the kitchen or having to shout out food orders? It’s time for a change.

With the 3S POS system, digital slips will be sent to the screen that will be set up in the kitchen. This allows the cooks to read all the incoming orders without the cashiers having to give them slips or shout out food orders.

Customer Relationship Management

Knowing your customer is an incredibly important aspect of building a successful business.

In the fast-food chains industry, customising orders to suit your customer before they have even finished choosing their full order goes a long way in developing a successful relationship that will result in loyalty.

What’s more? It’s integrated with telephone and an online ordering system that will result in streamlined takeaway orders.

As a result of its data capturing abilities, the system allows you to know who your customer is before you have even picked up the phone. Awesome right?

Telephone & Online Ordering

Ordering online ordering system for takeaway is an increasingly growing phenomenon that seems to keep on becoming more popular.

With an EPOS system, the ordering process far more streamlined. I mean, with the touch of a button online orders can be viewed, sent and tracked in seconds.

What more could you ask for?

Inventory Management

Just as speed is crucial in serving your customers, managing inventory and controlling stock levels is equally vital for the smooth operation of your fast-food chain. Luckily, an EPOS system is your secret ingredient to mastering this aspect with finesse. Here’s why:

  • Automatic Inventory Updates: Picture this – as orders fly in and ingredients are whisked away, your EPOS system keeps a real-time tally of your inventory. No more guesswork, just precise data on what’s in stock and what’s running low.
  • Ingredient Tracking: Every lettuce leaf, every sesame seed – your EPOS system tracks them all. With this level of detail, you can anticipate demand, prevent shortages, and ensure your kitchen is always ready to whip up your signature dishes.
  • Supplier Integration: Seamless collaboration with suppliers is a breeze with EPOS. Set up automatic reorders when your stock hits a designated threshold, ensuring you never run out of essential items at the wrong time.
  • Waste Reduction: Say goodbye to wasted ingredients and hello to optimised usage. By analysing sales data and consumption patterns, your EPOS system helps you minimise waste, trim costs, and boost your bottom line.
  • Menu Optimisation: Armed with insights from your inventory data, you can fine-tune your menu for maximum appeal. Focus on crowd-pleasers, eliminate slow movers, and keep your offerings fresh and exciting.

Efficient inventory management isn’t just about keeping shelves stocked – it’s about running a tighter ship, saving money, and keeping your customers happy. With an EPOS system at your disposal, you can stay ahead of the curve and serve up success, one perfectly managed ingredient at a time.

Sales Management

Being part of the management team of a chain of fast-food restaurants is tough, we know. I mean, how do you keep track of everything going on in all of the branches?

We have the solution for you: An EPOS system.

Everything that is entered into the system is captured and sorted into data that is easily readable and managed.

What else does the sales management features include? You can drill down into specific days, branches and even the individual till’s that details are punched into for better and more in-depth cash control.

Loyalty & Promotions

Looking to run promotions or reward fast-food consumers that are loyal to you?

With an EPOS software, managing loyalty schemes, promotional offers and vouchers that can be integrated with social media.

When running a promotional campaign, customers should be targeted based on age, gender, amount spent and location. With EPOS, storing and accessing this kind of data is made simple.

Are you convinced? We think you are.

Why? Well, who wouldn’t be? It’s a system that makes the behind the scenes process flawless, efficient and all too precise.

If you’re looking for more information or wanting to purchase an EPOS system, we have the perfect fit for you. Come visit 3SPOS and let us help you make your fast-food chains faster.

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