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How A Restaurant Can Improve Staff and Customer Engagement


Find out the best way to improve staff as a restaurant owner in three simple steps. According to user experience and research analysis.

Building a brand customers trust should be the priority for any restaurant. There is a wealth of restaurant technology available to improve customer engagement and productivity in any establishment and improve staff efficiency. Often, customers come into a restaurant, order food, and leave only never to return. If you have tried without success to improve your customer satisfaction, including offering incentives like customer loyalty schemes, your business might benefit from the below tips.

Easy ordering

Customers should be able to order with ease. If your restaurant takes orders through traditional methods like using a waiter and a notepad and pen, you might be missing out on the benefits of handheld ordering. Restaurant technology like handheld ordering makes order taking less time-consuming. As a restaurant, you can improve your customer satisfaction by getting your orders out to the customer quickly and accurately.

Improve staff teamwork

Time is precious and with the current bleak economy, gathering to share team feedback can be difficult. Idea sharing is, however, essential to understand how your business could be improved.

Waiting staff can gather vital information directly from the restaurant area by engaging or listening to customers. Maybe there are clues in customer conversations which can help your business to improve. Are customers talking about certain dishes more than others? Listening to customers can be more effective, less pressurising, and reliable than a customer survey. Take an interest in your staff’s feedback and aim to make changes.

Move away from the usual

There are various celebrations throughout the year and joining in with traditions and celebrations such as pride can open up a new customer base. A business doesn’t have to hang balloons from doors or play music to be part of any celebration. Merely offering a unique dish themed around the event can bring new customers flocking to the restaurant doors.

If your business is struggling to create more customers improve your customer satisfaction, start by following the simple steps above. For more information on how technology can be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your business, contact 3S POS today!

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