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Hospitality Trends To Look Out For


Every business and service that is provided to a customer is different in some way. Hospitality trends play the vital role here.

Every business and service that is provided to a customer is different in some way. They each have a different mindset when it comes to their culture that they create. They are always looking for ways to be the best out there. But there is a common thread that needs to be adhered to when offering a service, and that is hospitality. Let's find out more about hospitality trends.

Vanna Botha – author of Flight; A Quantum Fiction Novel, wrote that “There is no hospitality like understanding.” Without the understanding of both your business and the needs of your customer, there will be no recipe that will be able to help you satisfy them. For service providers to continue satisfying their customers, they need to stay abreast of current trends. No matter what business you are in, these five trends can keep your hospitality offering up to date.


Ever think that talking to a robot would be the next best thing? Of course, you did. With Chatbots, communication with businesses and their customers are more effective than ever. Reminding customers of their appointment, allowing them to be aware of any new special offers, or even just dealing with “in the moment” needs has become a necessity when dealing with customers. Businesses can create a more personal relationship with their customers over text and allow them the guarantee that we are always thinking of them.

It’s all about the Mobile

Who needs a partner when you have your mobile? Mobiles have been known to be the “glue in hand” companion to all customers and businesses across all realms. With the growing technology revolution, there has been a change in the way people book, check-in and provide feedback on the service they have been providing. Ensuring that every business is up to date with devices ensures that there will always be a connection with their customers. Nothing says hospitality more than a good connection.

Sharing Economy

Airbnb and Uber are the prime examples of what hospitality should be. An uproar has occurred within the industry due to their low commission structure. Having a simplified and streamlined purchase process attracts customers like honey to bees. It is the sweet taste of no hassles and allows customers to feel like they have more time on their hands.

Home is where the Heart is

No matter where you are, you always want to feel as comfortable as you would feel at home. Ensuring that your customers are equipped with everything they need as they walk into your business is one of the most important aspects of hospitality. Whether it be a connection to their Netflix account in their hotel room, or a Wi-Fi spot as soon as they walk into your restaurant, there is no excuse when it comes to making them feel at home.

The Comeback

The customer is always right. No matter in what generation services play a role, this statement will never change. All complaints that are given to a business need to be handled in a way to prevent any type of social media war. All customers are expected to be involved in social media platforms and you want them enhancing your hospitality skills rather than tearing to down. Create loyal customers and ensure a cycle of comebacks.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices to reduce their carbon footprint. This includes initiatives like energy-efficient lighting, water-saving fixtures, recycling programs, and sourcing local and organic products for their menus. By implementing these practices, businesses not only contribute to environmental conservation but also appeal to eco-conscious consumers who prefer sustainable options.

Reducing Food Waste

Food waste is a significant issue in the hospitality industry, with restaurants and hotels often discarding large amounts of food each day. To combat this problem, many establishments are implementing strategies to reduce food waste, such as menu planning to minimise leftovers, donating excess food to local charities, and composting organic waste. By tackling food waste, businesses not only save money but also contribute to the fight against hunger and environmental degradation.

Hospitality will always be the base of any satisfied customer. Implement these trends and keep your service relevant! Remember to keep up with the most recent hospitality trends to improve your business.

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