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EPOS Features for Quick Service & Fast Casual Dining


All EPOS features for Quick Service your business needs to become an instrumental factor in the successful hospitality business.

In today’s fast-moving market and busy lifestyle, we notice a major shift in dining habits so as EPOS features for Quick Service Restaurants. In recent years diners have acquired an expectation of convenience, quick service and above all good value for money from dining outlets. 

These factors have contributed to a boom in the ‘fast casual’ and QSR dining concepts and we can see independents as well as franchises popping up and disrupting the conventional casual dining market.

What is Quick Service Restaurant?

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are dining establishments known for their fast and efficient service, offering convenience to customers with busy lifestyles. These restaurants prioritise speed and value, providing meals that are prepared and served quickly. Common examples of QSRs include fast-food chains like McDonald's, Burger King, and Subway, as well as fast-casual concepts like Chipotle and Panera Bread.

QSRs typically have streamlined menus focused on popular items, often featuring customisable options to accommodate individual preferences. The emphasis is on simplicity, allowing for rapid order processing and high customer turnover. In recent years, technological advancements, such as integrated EPOS systems, have further enhanced the efficiency of QSR operations.

What is Casual Dining Restaurant?

Casual Dining Restaurants occupy a middle ground between fast-food establishments and fine dining restaurants. These restaurants offer a more relaxed and leisurely dining experience compared to QSRs, with a focus on providing quality food and a comfortable atmosphere. Examples of casual dining chains include Olive Garden, Chili's, and TGI Fridays.

Unlike QSRs, casual dining restaurants typically offer a broader menu selection, including appetisers, entrees, and desserts, often featuring a variety of cuisines and flavours. While the service may not be as rapid as in QSRs, casual dining establishments prioritise hospitality and aim to create an enjoyable dining experience for their guests.

EPOS systems tailored for casual dining restaurants often include features for table management, reservation tracking, and split billing, catering to the unique needs of this dining segment. By leveraging technology, casual dining establishments can streamline their operations while maintaining the personalised service that sets them apart from fast-food chains.

EPOS features for Quick Service Restaurants

At 3S POS, we have also seen several of our clients turn into success stories with expansion plans and pipeline for many years to come. A speedy, reliable and user-friendly EPOS system has without a doubt become an instrumental factor in their business success.

Let’s take a look at the EPOS solutions, back office management tools and integrations that will help deliver real results.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Taking orders quickly and easily allows you to increase sales and improve customer experience with the reduced waiting time.

Having an integrated chip & pin solution can offer advantages such Pay-at-table directly from the PDQ machine. Staff can now focus on serving customers on the go, without having to input the orders through the main till system. This significantly reduces human input error and speeds up the closing procedures with automatic reconciliation.

Customer Relationship Management & Loyalty

Businesses closely monitoring customer data can see trends and track customer buying habits. Above all, the customer experience goes far beyond a typical transaction and is fast becoming more personal.

An EPOS system with a CRM module will not only provide you with valuable insights and data, but more importantly engage your customers with your brand and build loyalty. With various tools at your disposal, you will be able to view reports for spending, visits, product preferences and much more.

An integrated loyalty app will give you the power to extend your brand experience even further and reward your customers for their loyalty in real-time. Having a loyalty app also gives you the power to create targeted campaigns and tailor offers to different customer audiences and behaviours.

Multi-site Management

A smart EPOS system with enterprise level management tools will grow with your business and allow you to scale up quickly and easily. As you expand, and the number of locations grows, you’ll have sight of your entire portfolio to make important decisions and identify new opportunities.

The 3S POS EPOS system gives you access to live sales data, till and menu settings, stock control and much more. You can view data for each site, groups of sites or the entire portfolio at the touch of a button.

Attendance & Rota Management

As your business expands, so will your team. To drive business efficiency and optimise your operations, an HR and workforce management module integrated into the EPOS system will save you time and money.

Creating staff rotas can be quick and easy with smart rota management. By analysing data from previous sales periods, the EPOS system can help you formulate rotas to plan ahead and keep on top of budgets. Team managers can review, edit and swap shifts before sending the rota to staff straight from the EPOS system. You can also track attendance with biometric clock in features and customisable settings.

Kitchen Display System

In a quick service environment, the kitchen staff are often required to work under pressure with multiple stations and even a separate area for takeaway and delivery management.

Installing a Kitchen Display System will empower your kitchen staff with order information and timings, thus managing the orders more efficiently. The flexible system can be customised completely to your needs – from order routing, multi-station setup, colour mapping to flexible order timers and delays!

The system seamlessly integrates with your EPOS and online ordering, so your entire business can be managed from one intuitive system.

Restaurant and Takeaway Online Ordering & Order Ready Screens

Customers love the convenience of ordering online to collect in store or via a delivery aggregate such as Deliveroo, JustEat or Uber Eats. Many QSR and fast casual concepts build their business model around delivery, while others will add online ordering as they see growth in customer demand. We offer an award-winning online ordering solution with zero commission that seamlessly integrates with the EPOS system and kitchen display screens.

EPOS features for Quick Service and other businesses

To further improve in-store experience, order ready screens in the order pick up area can help keep the customers informed on the progress of their order. You can also use the screens as an additional promotional space for your products to help entice the customers to deals and new products.

Stay ahead of your QSR competitors by using an EPOS system with the above features to drive business success.

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