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5 Things You Need in Your Restaurant Social Media Strategy


Social Media Strategy needs to cover all goals for a successful hospitality business. Find out the main 5 sides of your restaurant marketing strategy.

Why you must have Social Media Strategy?

How many times have you looked at your phone today or checked something online? According to Walker-Smith, on average, we expose ourselves to 5,000 adverts daily. Now you have to build a strong Social Media Strategy for your business.

Making your brand stand out may become challenging, as you compete for consumers’ attention. Even so, businesses are finding new ways to extend the reach of their brand messaging.

Let’s talk about one of the easiest and most effective ways of strengthening your brand presence online –  social media.

Here’s our pick of top five trends, tools or apps that will help give your business a boost this 2018.

Content is king

Above everything, content is the one thing that will be driving your audience. As you create your own content or make use of shareable content, always ensure it aligns with your brand. Utilizing a free online video editor can enhance your content creation, enabling you to produce captivating and visually stunning posts that truly connect with your audience. Shared content should be relevant, not only to the industry you are in but the brand you have instilled in the minds of your consumers.

For hospitality businesses, it is important for content to be reflective of customer experience. To convert customers into followers and vice-versa, show your audience the benefits of engaging with your brand.

Pick whichever platforms are appropriate for your brand and audience. Be a storyteller and create unique posts to grab attention.

Stick with the crowd

We know, strange thing to say, right? However, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the trends and often go along with them. What we meaning is that you need to stick to the trends. While social media is a great way to try out catchy, ‘disruptive’ campaign messaging, focus on your key brand messages to add value to your followers’ feeds.

Nothing is free

Sad but true, often a small investment can bring big returns. Social media platforms offer a great insight into your customers and grow your organic following.

When it comes to growing your reach, we recommend incorporating a budget into your digital marketing strategy. You will find this will help you target different audiences and build a following much faster as you are able to reach far beyond your organic audience.

Consistency is key

It far more valuable to consistently post less content, of a higher quality. This will help the audience to see your brand for what it is and hone in on what’s most important. Short, captivating statements can work well and the use of beautiful, engaging imagery is also very important. Good quality content will attract the right kind of attention from your followers and help you build the brand you envisage.

Brand identity

Social media is there to help emphasize your identity and helps bring it across to your audience.

Take the correct steps when developing your brand. You can look up good examples of well-established brands and their guidelines to see how these may be useful for you. It is then important to spend time understanding what feels right for you and your business so you can create a compelling look and feel. This will ensure your business stands out from the crowd, which is especially important in the fast-moving hospitality industry.

Through the tone of your content, and visuals such as logo, colours and imagery, brings a whole new dimension to your digital marketing.

Social Media Strategy

We are finding that social media is no longer an optional marketing channel, but has rather a necessity as customers come to expect this level of engagement with your brand. Incorporating tools like a WordPress Survey Plugin can significantly enhance your social media strategy by gathering valuable feedback from your audience. This feedback can inform your content creation and help tailor your messaging to better resonate with your target audience. Feel free to explore our options for seamless integration and enhanced user experience.

Having a fast, efficient and reliable EPOS system in place empowers a hospitality business and promotes best practice. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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