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5 Reasons Why EPOS Systems Are Worth The Investment


Why EPOS Systems are so important for expanding business all over the world. Find out how to get the best system that fits your business.

Why EPOS Systems?

EPOS systems are designed to enhance customer experience and streamline your sales transactions. Although EPOS systems are considerably more expensive than your traditional cash register it is this very reason that justifies investing in one.

Below are 5 reasons why EPOS systems are worth the investment regardless of the nature of your retail or hospitality business.

  • Inventory management: tracking your inventory is essential to optimising sales and monitoring theft. Unlike traditional cash register systems that require you to manually adjust your stock levels, POS software provides a real-time representation from the sale of a product to its adjustment in your inventory system. Furthermore, POS solutions allow you to accurately monitor any theft and remove the element of human error.
  • Employee performance: manual labour associated with traditional cash registers only allows you to analyse which employees are top performers once this lengthy process is completed. Real-time sales management allows you to analyse specific employees performance.  POS software allows you to monitor all aspects of your staff with easy access to employee records which include attendance, sales stats and more.
  • Tracking KPI’s: Advanced EPOS business reports give you the power to analyse your KPI’s and other business data in real-time. These systems provide you with 24/7 access to your reports which are accessible via a web browser, tablet or mobile phone. In addition to sales reports, POS systems give you detailed reports of all business operations including finances, inventory, HR, security and marketing reports.
  • Understanding customers: traditional cash register systems limited businesses in their ability to understand client behaviour due to the lag produced by manual stock take and human error. POS systems have an intuitive customer relationship manager built into them. This allows you to capture vital customer information and behaviour in real-time. These systems can store contact details, personas, delivery addresses, accounts, preferences and purchase history.
  • Cloud-based optimization: the future of POS software provides a unique advantage that traditional cash registers do not – the cloud. Cloud-based technology allows businesses to effectively manage sales, inventory and customers across multiple platforms and channels. POS systems can be updated as consumer behaviour changes thanks to the nature of the cloud. This technology allows retailers to access all information about the business at any time independent of location. Many small retailers think that upgrading their POS mechanism is unnecessary and still utilise the most rudimentary forms of these devices. However, every business owner has one objective in mind and that is growth. To effectively grow you need a system to keep up with your rate of growth. 

Although investing in EPOS software may seem too expensive to justify in the beginning, it will benefit your business in the long-run and will allow you to optimise your operations to grow faster. The 5 aforementioned reasons should be enough to convince you to bite the bullet for a tactical business stance in the very beginning. 

At 3S POS we work very hard to identify the needs and obstacles our customers face in the day-to-day running of their business. We provide mission-critical solutions by listening to our customers' requirements, observing their operations and drawing on our technical know-how. Our unique consultation process ensures your investment in technology is an extension of your business rather than just another tool.

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