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4 Simple Ways to Successfully Leverage Customer Feedback


It is absolutely essential that you put every effort into ensuring the customer enjoys their experience through customer feedback. Find out how to leverage it.

When running any business in the hospitality industry, it is absolutely essential that you put every effort into ensuring the customer enjoys and appreciates their experience through customer feedback.

While marketing and advertising can play an important role in getting your business’ name out there, it is ultimately word of mouth and customer feedback that will ensure your long-term success. And, given that over 92% of people read online reviews to judge local businesses, it is vital you do all in your power to make any review of your establishment positive.

So, with that in mind, here are four very simple ways to keep the customer smiling.

Implementing a Robust Customer Feedback System

Have a process in place for gathering customer feedback. It's essential to have a structured and easily accessible system in place. This could involve utilizing customer feedback forms, online surveys, or dedicated email channels. A well-designed system not only makes it convenient for customers to share their opinions but also provides your business with a systematic way to analyze and respond to the feedback.

Engage and respond, whatever the comment

This is true whether the comment is made online or in person. You need to be sure to take on board feedback, whether it is positive or negative, and then be willing to learn from it. Similarly, if a customer says something negative that you don’t agree with, do your very best to explain why they are mistaken, or portray your perspective while responding to customers. This can be tough, but it is important.

Regularly Assess and Update Your Customer Service Standards

The hospitality industry is dynamic, and customer expectations may evolve over time. Regularly assess and update your customer service standards to stay ahead of the curve. Consider conducting internal audits or seeking external evaluations to identify areas for improvement. This commitment to continuous enhancement demonstrates your dedication to providing the best possible experience for your customers.

Don’t be afraid to implement change

If you are seeing similar responses or comments time and again, don’t be afraid to make a change. This could be something simple like putting different lighting in the toilets, or it could be altering something on the menu. Ultimately, you want to give the customer an experience they value, and that sometimes means altering your approach.

Hire employees that understand your values

The journey toward getting positive customer feedback starts way before the customer even enters the restaurant. Motivate your staff to do the best they can and understand exactly what is expected of them. If the employees are aware of what a positive customer experience means, they are more likely to be able to facilitate it.

Promote positive comments

There is no shame in boasting somewhat about positive experience comments. If you receive a particularly good review from a patron, share it across your social media channels. If someone mentions your establishment in a newspaper, don’t be concerned about framing it and putting it up on the wall. If you actively take pride in your restaurant, it is far more likely that you will offer excellent customer service.

Monitor Industry Trends and Customer Preferences

Stay informed about industry trends and changing customer preferences. Being adaptable to emerging trends ensures your business remains relevant and appealing. Whether it's embracing eco-friendly practices, introducing new cuisines, or incorporating innovative technologies, staying ahead of the curve demonstrates your commitment to meeting the evolving needs of your customers.

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