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4 Reasons Why You Should Take Restaurant Reservations Via an App


Going online has allowed many companies to reach out to new customers. Restaurant reservations are much easier for customers through apps.

The digital age has affected many businesses in various sectors, and for most this is positive. Going online has allowed companies to reach out to new customers, along with staying connected with existing ones, and the opportunities are endless. 

What is a Restaurant Reservation App?

A restaurant reservations app is a mobile application that allows customers to make reservations at their favorite restaurants. These apps typically have a user-friendly interface that allows customers to search for available tables based on date, time, and party size. Customers can also view menus, read reviews, and even make special requests through the app. On the restaurant side, these apps provide a platform for managing reservations, seating arrangements, and customer information.

Benefits of a Restaurant Reservation App

Mobile apps are a must-have, especially for restaurants and cafes – here are four reasons why you should receive your restaurant reservations online with the help of an app:

1. Online restaurant reservations save staff time

When customers manage their own bookings, you free up your staff to be on hand onsite. With less phone calls coming through, staff can focus all their attention on the customers who are already in the restaurant, offering a higher and more efficient level of customer service.

2. They’re easily manageable

An online booking system is far more efficient than writing names and times into a notebook. Avoid double bookings or mistakes with a system that manages everything for you. Customers will be able to book their table 24/7, meaning you never miss out on an opportunity to secure that booking and you’ll easily be able to see how many bookings you have and check customers in when they arrive.

3. They capture customer details

When customers book through the app, you can ask for contact details, such as name, phone number and email address before asking permission to send offers and updates. This helps you to effectively build your customer database and reach out to customers whenever you need to.

4. Important information can be shared

With in-app bookings, you can create an option for customers to leave important information. Everything from allergies and dietary requirements to whether or not they’re visiting for a special occasion can be tracked here. Not only does this allow for you and your staff to be ready for a booking with all the little details already accounted for, it will lead again to an extraordinary level of customer service that won’t go unappreciated.

5. App data can integrate with EPOS

Integrating your in-app bookings with your points of sale (EPOS) system, such as 3S POS will also make it possible to securely capture important data such as customer visits and spend. This makes it easy for managers and owners to see business data in a clear way. By having access to these powerful insights about the business you will be able to make better informed decisions.

How to Choose the Right App for Your Restaurant

With so many restaurant reservations apps on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your business. Here are a few things to consider when making your decision:

  • User-friendly interface: The app should be easy to navigate for both customers and restaurant staff.
  • Customisation options: Look for an app that allows you to customise your reservation settings and preferences.
  • Integration with your POS system: This will make it easier to manage reservations and track customer data.
  • Customer support: Make sure the app offers reliable customer support in case you encounter any issues.

3S POS have partnered with 5loyalty to deliver a seamless app experience to engage customers and grow loyalty and spend. If you’d like to start taking in-app reservations with EPOS integration, then contact our team to see how we can help you.

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