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3S POS Partners with Como to Unify In-Store & Digital Offerings for Customers


3S POS are proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Como, the award-winning global leader in customers engagement.

The strategic partnership between two market leaders, that both provide robust end-to-end platforms in their space, will create a new powerful solution in the market. The solution will enable businesses not only to collect all transactional data from their point of sale systems (EPOS) but to also extract insights and use it to personalise the customer experience, bring back lapsed customers and grow sales.

Dan Cohen, UK Managing Director at Como, said: 

“Consumers expect to get from retailers and restaurants chains the same personalised experience they’re used to receiving from online giants. 35 per cent of purchases on Amazon come from personalised product recommendations – there is no reason why brick and mortar businesses can’t embrace a technology that will help them to do just that. By partnering with 3S POS, we’re able to provide businesses with a better way to engage with their customers through bespoke rewards and personalised experiences based on their purchases.”

The partnership between Como and 3S POS will enable eateries and retail stores to collect and analyse the data from wherever customers make purchases. Embracing the growing demand for a more seamless experience will offer customers the ability to gain points and redeem rewards whether they have ordered in-app, online or in-store.

Cohen added,

“As retailers and restaurants face even tougher trading conditions on the high street, it is imperative that their in-store offerings replicate the digital experience, otherwise they will lose out to other chains that do”

Ian Jones, Director at 3S POS, added: 

“We believe the synergy between our EPOS and Como’s cutting-edge technology truly gives our clients an elite advantage in building their brands successfully and growing their businesses. Getting a real end-to-end platform for brick and mortars, that includes not only inventory and staff management, but also mobile ordering and data analysis, will make more sense for businesses who look to boost customer loyalty and retention”.

Tamer Kamel, Director at ICCO – a joint client of Como and 3S POS – said: 

“Since adding the new app powered by Como and 3S POS, we feel proud to be able to offer our loyal customers an improved loyalty scheme. We see our customers enjoying their rewards and returning again and again. Alongside our in-store promotion, our membership base is growing steadily”.

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