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3S POS Announces Partnership with LivePepper to Expand Online Ordering


Leading EPOS technology integration helps restaurants embrace the growing delivery trend and expand online ordering systems.

3S POS, leading EPOS provider for hospitality chains including Pepe’s Piri, Comptoir Libanais and Caffe Concerto, adds another innovative feature to its EPOS suite by integrating with Live Pepper (, the market leader in online ordering solutions whose customers include KFC, PizzaHut and Papa John’s, across multiple territories. 3S POS provides solutions to expand online ordering for every kind of businesses.

The much-anticipated integration provides a unified online ordering solution for independents and chains alike. At the core of the integration is the technology to centralise all incoming online orders with the EPOS system through 3S POS’s own ‘EPOS Hub’ and cloud-based HubRise technology.

To expand online ordering:

As the UK delivery market is set to swell in the coming years, the strategic partnership with LivePepper will offer businesses a competitive advantage. Haitham Salman, Director at 3S POS, commented on the news:

“Operational demands of quick service operators require a sophisticated and robust online ordering platform that seamlessly aligns every part of the ordering process. Our partnership with LivePepper brings clients the ability to have their customer order data directly in their EPOS system, which saves time and is less costly in the long term than using high-commission delivery aggregators.”

The integrated solution is designed to be customised to businesses of all shapes and sizes as we see the delivery market is being continuously disrupted by new concepts, such as ‘dark kitchens’.  Haitham Salman at 3S POS added: 

“By integrating with LivePepper through HubRise, we continue our mission to adapt to ever-changing demands of the industry and offer the right technology to suit all types of operations.”

The online ordering solution is tailored to each business to create an enhanced end-to-end branded customer experience and streamlined order management for the operators.

Janaina Wittner, Strategic Business Development at LivePepper, said:

“We are excited to be providing industry-leading technology that facilitates the end-to-end ordering process, transactions and customer data analysis. In hospitality, the value of customer experience is paramount for growth; we are proud to be working with forward-thinking operators to build their unique branded online ordering experiences that foster a lasting connection with customers.”

Amongst the first to benefit from the deployment is a joint client of 3S POS and LivePepper – international feel-good 10 ancestral grain pizza brand, NKD Pizza, whose first UK site recently opened in Edinburgh and further openings imminent in the coming months.

Grant Clouston, Managing Director at NKD, added:

“Since our launch, we have found that 31% of our sales now come from online orders, using our bespoke LivePepper platform integrated with the 3S POS EPOS system. The online experience is quick and easy for the customers, and we have seen many turn into returning visitors. In-store, the seamless EPOS integration allows us to manage the kitchen efficiently and cope well with high order volumes at peak times. Supported by our robust EPOS suite and the online ordering integration, we are in a great place to expand our business in the coming months.”

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