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Discover how Cheatmeals, a dynamic fast-food chain, achieved operational excellence and customer satisfaction with 3S POS. Explore the tangible benefits and innovations driving success in the competitive fast-food industry.

Cheatmeals, a dynamic fast-food company specializing in burgers, hot dogs, shakes, and wings, witnessed substantial growth under the strategic leadership of its Head of Operations, Yasin Allam. From a modest beginning of five stores, Cheatmeals rapidly expanded its footprint, establishing a successful chain of fast-food outlets within just two and a half years.

Challenges Before 3S POS

Despite their growth, Cheatmeals encountered operational challenges that impeded their efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Inconsistency in Orders: The team faced issues with order accuracy, particularly in handling customizations like 'no lettuce' on burgers.
  • Menu Discrepancies: Variations in the appearance of menus across different stores and online platforms led to confusion among customers and staff.

Yasin elaborates more on the challenges,

"About two and a half years ago when I came on board we had around five stores and we were looking to really expand. One of the issues we had at the challenges was streamlining things. Customers would order a burger, for example, without layers and on each receipt it would look different so that would cause some issues. Another challenge was obviously streamlining how the menus look like, which was a big thing for us as well. We would have five stores. Every menu used to looks slight different on the online platform, which was a challenge as well. So for me when I came board really, these were the key points to kind of make sure we have one system that controls everything."

Reasons for Choosing 3S POS

In their quest for a comprehensive solution, Cheatmeals turned to 3S POS, citing multiple reasons for their choice. 

Hardware Suitability

Cheatmeals praised 3S POS for providing durable and kitchen-friendly hardware with an intuitive touchscreen interface. This not only improved the durability of their equipment but also enhanced the user experience for staff in fast-paced kitchen environments. Yasin explains,

"I think one of the key reasons we decided it to go with 3SPOS was hardware. The equipment is really suitable for kitchen environment meaning it can withstand heat. I think this was one of the issues we had looking at other suppliers. It's also touch screen which makes it very easy for staff to kind of intuitively operate the systems while competitors might have a button system, etc."

Efficient Order Routing

The implementation of 3S POS significantly enhanced the flow and sorting of menu items in the kitchen, resulting in a remarkable reduction in average preparation time. This efficiency translated into quicker service and increased customer satisfaction. In Yasin's own words,

"We have an average prep time of eight to eleven minutes across all our stores. I think the good is that all the orders now land directly in the kitchen, while in the past they used to be printed out of all your various printers from all the platforms. I think one key is thing for us as a management team. Also is we are able to see in realtime what's going on in our stores. I think that is really, really key for us to make decisions and ultimately it the streamlining of all the menus as well it with a click of a button where they have the support. We want to push out a new product and within hours that can be made, while in the past it used to take us maybe weeks to make sure that across all of those you have exactly. "

Direct Kitchen Order Receipt

With 3S POS, orders from various platforms were seamlessly integrated and directly received in the kitchen. This eliminated the need for multiple printers, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining the entire order fulfillment process.

Real-Time Management Oversight

Cheatmeals lauded 3S POS for providing real-time monitoring capabilities, empowering management with immediate insights into store activities. This feature proved invaluable for informed decision-making and ensuring operational excellence.

Menu Streamlining

Updating and standardizing menus across all stores became a hassle-free process with the support of 3S POS. Cheatmeals appreciated the ease with which they could adapt to changing market trends and customer preferences.

Stock Management

For a rapidly growing business like Cheatmeals, effective stock management is paramount. 3S POS played a crucial role in providing insights into stock levels, enabling better control and ensuring franchisees could order efficiently from nominated suppliers. Yasin sheds light on their need for a better stock management system,

"So one of the other reasons we chose through 3S POS is also the possibility to understand stock management a little bit better. Especially with us growing, we needed to ensure that our franchisees order from the suppliers that we nominate and for that we need the full lifecycle of the stock to be visible. So that gives us as a management a good overview on a how much our franchisees ordering stuff, but it also gives us some control in terms of you know, are they operating in the most ideal way, can we help them in terms of stock and answering any questions regarding supplies."

Direct Integration with Delivery Partners

Setting up new stores and integrating with delivery partners was simplified through 3S POS. The direct integration streamlined processes, eliminating the need for additional software and reducing the complexity of managing multiple platforms. Yasin explain how simple it is to integrate with third party apps using 3S POS,

"One of the good things about 3S POS is they integrate directly with your deliver partner. So there is no middle company or middle software that needs to work in the middle. We just tell them. Hey, we have this store opening. We have these partners delivery partners that we are working with. Can you please enable the integration? It's really as simple as that. And then a few days later the integration is live."

Future Developments

Cheatmeals is forward-thinking, with plans to further enhance their operations through technological innovations.

Bespoke Mobile App

The company is actively working on a custom app to facilitate click-and-collect orders, integrating seamlessly with kitchen operations. This development aims to provide customers with a convenient ordering experience and improve overall operational efficiency.

Website Ordering

Cheatmeals is exploring options to enable customers to place orders directly through their website. Orders placed on the website would seamlessly feed into the stores, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined ordering process.

Customer and Store Benefits

The implementation of 3S POS yielded tangible benefits for both Cheatmeals and its customers.

  • Online/App Payments: The system facilitated secure online and app payments, streamlining the payment process for both customers and stores.
  • On-Time Order Ready: With improved order processing times, Cheatmeals ensured that orders were prepared and ready for collection on time, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Yasin recommends 3S POS,

I would recommend 3S POS to any customer that is looking to, first of all, improve in-house operations. Whether you're a small restaurant or a big restaurant. I think it's really beneficial to have a streamline approach in your kitchen.


The comprehensive integration of 3S POS into Cheatmeals' operations showcases a remarkable success story in overcoming challenges and achieving operational excellence. The detailed features and benefits provided by 3S POS have not only addressed the specific needs of Cheatmeals but also positioned them for sustained growth and success in the competitive fast-food industry.

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