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Explore how Chaiiwala's 100+ stores success story unfolds with 3S POS, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. Abdul Kadri recommends it for startups.

Chaiiwala, a Desi Street Food Cafe known for its traditional Desi food with an urban twist, faced significant challenges as it rapidly expanded from 10 to 91 stores. For this case study, we have interviewed Abdul Kadri, the Operations Director. He talks about the need for a robust and efficient Point of Sale (POS) system to address the complexities of their growing business. This case study explores how 3S POS played a pivotal role in overcoming Chaiiwala's operational hurdles and contributed to their remarkable growth.

Challenges Before 3S POS

Chaiiwala encountered various challenges before adopting 3S POS, including:

  • System Updates: Difficulties in keeping up with timely system updates.
  • Efficiency Issues: Operational inefficiencies, particularly in menu changes and staff training on complex till systems.

Adbul elaborates further on the challenges,

“So before we started working with 3S POS, we had major challenges with getting updates done, running very efficiently, being pro efficient on updates, menu changes and kind of using the old system was very complicated. And also when we were training stores to kind of grow and teaching staff to use the tills, it was quite challenging.

Why 3S POS

Being a franchise business, scaling efficiently and maintaining a robust yet simple system was a priority for Chaiiwala.

Abdul Kadri explains,

“We have grown with them from ten stores all the way up to 91 stores. We wouldn't have been able to do this without 3S POS, if I'm being honest. They make life a lot more simpler for operations. From integrations with delivery platforms to education for franchisees on how to use the system. It's a very simple system to use, but the beauty about it is that any updates that you require are very efficiently done and the support that you get behind 3S POS is absolutely fantastic!”

The 3S POS Solution

Simplified Operations

One of the key advantages of 3S POS for Chaiiwala was the simplification of operations. The system seamlessly integrated with delivery platforms, facilitating a smoother process for franchisees. This integration not only enhanced efficiency but also simplified the process of educating franchises.

User-Friendly Interface and Efficient Updates

The user-friendly interface of 3S POS addressed the complexity of menu changes and staff training. Updates were efficiently managed, ensuring that Chaiiwala could adapt swiftly to market trends and customer preferences.

Outstanding Support and Customer Service

Abdul highlighted the exceptional support and customer service provided by 3S POS.

"The support is brilliant from the 3S POS, purely because there's always someone dedicated available waiting for you to answer your call, help you navigate you with small problems. From the printer not working to big problems. The kitchen screen is not working. I feel like the service is absolutely impeccable when it comes down to reporting and getting somebody to deal with your problems."

Tailored Customization

The system was tailored to Chaiiwala's unique menu, streamlining navigation and operation. This customization allowed the cafe to optimize its POS system to meet specific business requirements.

Kitchen Efficiency and Order Monitoring

3S POS introduced features like bump screens in kitchens, enabling Chaiiwala to monitor order times and enhance service speed. This kitchen efficiency translated into improved front-of-house service and overall customer satisfaction.

Integration with Delivery Platforms

The integration with delivery platforms streamlined Chaiiwala's operations, reducing the need for manual data entry. This not only saved time but also minimized the chances of errors in order processing.

Enterprise Module for Reporting

The enterprise module of 3S POS proved invaluable for Chaiiwala in reporting product sales and trends to franchise partners. This feature provided crucial insights for strategic decision-making.

Improved Customer Journey with QR Code System

The implementation of a QR code system allowed for tableside ordering and payment, significantly enhancing the customer experience. This innovation not only reduced queue times but also aligned with modern dining preferences.

Abdul Kadri, Operations Director at Chaiiwala, emphatically recommends 3S POS 

"I would recommend 3S POS to any startups who are wanting to grow, wanting a good till provider, wanting amazing service people, real people who you can talk to all the time for support. I would 1000% recommend 3S POS to anyone."


The 3S POS testimonial from Chaiiwala underscores the transformative impact of a robust POS system on the growth and efficiency of a business. Chaiiwala's success story serves as a compelling example of how strategic adoption of technology, in this case, 3S POS, can be a catalyst for operational excellence and customer satisfaction in the competitive restaurant and hospitality sector.

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