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Explore how Boo Burger, a premium burger concept, achieved operational excellence and international success with 3S POS. Delve into the tailored features, seamless integrations, and responsive support that propelled Boo Burger's growth.

Dive into the success story of Boo Burger, a premium burger concept known for delivering high-quality offerings at exceptional value. The Head of Supply Chain and Third-Party Vendors at Boo Burger, Adil Ismail shares valuable insights into the pivotal role played by 3S POS in transforming their operational landscape.

POS System Requirements

Boo Burger had specific and demanding requirements for their POS system, essential for ensuring smooth operations and top-notch customer service.

  • Full Control and Ease of Use: Seeking a POS system that not only offered full control over their operations but was also user-friendly for efficient management.
  • Remote Management Capability: Recognizing the importance of remote management, Boo Burger prioritized this feature, a significant enhancement compared to their previous POS systems.

Customization and Flexibility

The bespoke features of 3S POS addressed Boo Burger's unique needs, providing a tailored solution to enhance their workflow.

  • Individual Station Printers: Task efficiency soared with the implementation of individual station printers, allowing each staff member to manage their responsibilities seamlessly.
  • Print Routing: Customizable routing for each item through multiple printers and screens, offering unparalleled flexibility in their kitchen operations.

Adil elaborates further,

"3S POS has a very good app that you can download onto a laptop and you can manage the server from there. Previous businesses and POS companies that we worked with, they weren't able to do that. So one of the setup we wanted was a printer at each individual station which allows the staff member working at that station to manage what they need to produce for the customer. Now speaking to 3S POS they turned around and said yes, we can do that. It's basically print routing and you can have however, many printers you want, however many screens you want and you can set up each individual item to build them."

Ease of Training

The simplicity of the 3S POS system streamlined Boo Burger's staff training processes, allowing them to focus on delivering excellent service without the burden of a steep learning curve.

Direct Integration with Partners

The seamless integration capabilities of 3S POS became a game-changer for Boo Burger, enhancing their operational efficiency and customer service.

  • Self-Service Kiosk and Click-and-Collect: Integration with Data Mojo for self-service kiosks and click-and-collect services streamlined the entire order process, providing customers with convenient options.
  • Delivery Partners Integration: 3S POS seamlessly integrated with delivery partners, eliminating the need for dedicated tablets and ensuring a centralized order management system.

Adil explains how easy it is to work with 3S POS and setup new systems,

"When we started working with 3S POS, we also started with Vita Mojo and an integration didn't exist. But they set one up straight away, which meant that now we had a self-service kiosk and click and collect software that was able to communicate with 3S POS and send orders into the tills. Essentially, it's still one system. Our delivery partners were able to integrate directly, so again took out the need completely for a delivery dedicated tablet in store, someone managing those orders. Everything is coming through the till and we used them in our international store recently as well, which we opened in the UAE. So again that was a quick phone call. We want to open our store in UAE, can you support? Yeah, they never say no, which is brilliant. You want to do something, let's do it. And the best thing about 3S POS is that if you need something, they will work with you to get it done."

International Expansion Support

As Boo Burger expanded it's footprint into the UAE, 3S POS demonstrated unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness, adapting seamlessly to the intricacies of international operations.

Responsive and Supportive Service

Boo Burger lauded the exceptional support and service provided by 3S POS, showcasing a commitment to customer success.

  • Proactive Problem Solving: 3S POS demonstrated a proactive approach to problem-solving, addressing issues promptly and preventing potential disruptions.
  • Reliable Technical Support: The quick and effective technical support from 3S POS ensured smooth day-to-day operations, minimizing downtime.


"I would definitely recommend 3S POS to any business out there that needs a POS system to pretty much do everything you need in the hospitality industry. You can do everything so why look elsewhere?" 

- Adil Ismail, Head of Supply Chain and Third-Party Vendors at Boo Burger

Future Plans with 3S POS

Expressing confidence in their partnership, Boo Burger revealed plans to continue leveraging 3S POS for future growth, underscoring the system's integral role in their ongoing success.

This comprehensive case study illuminates Boo Burger's positive experience with 3S POS, emphasizing adaptability, ease of use, and robust customer support as instrumental factors in their operational excellence and successful international expansion.

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