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  • Hospitality
    A professional and fast EPOS system designed to meet the demanding service requirements of any business in the hospitality industry.

    3S POS Hospitality is the industry's most flexible EPOS system suitable for cafés, restaurants, takeaways, fast service stores, bars, clubs and hotels.

  • Retail
    A reliable and powerful EPOS system designed to meet the complex stock management requirements of any business in the retail industry.

    3S POS Retail is packed full of clever features to help you take control of your sales and stock management; suitable for grocery, convenience and off-licence stores, minimarkets, supermarkets, jewellery and gift shops.

  • Spa & Salon
    A beautiful and intuitive EPOS system designed to meet the efficient management requirements of any business in the salon & spa industries.

    3S POS Salon & Spa is an easy-to-use system that will manage your appointments, customers and services; suitable for hair & beauty salons, day spas, massage and nail parlours.

UK Retail EPOS Salon & Till Software

Why Choose3S POS
Intuitive Easy to use epos systems, every feature has been designed with the user in mind.
Reliable We have a proven track record on the reliability of our hardware and software.
Future proof We are consistently developing new features and testing the latest technologies to deliver you the next generation of EPOS systems.
Outstanding Support We have a brilliant support team who are always at hand to help.

Retail EPOS systems UK

retail epos systems uk Welcome to 3S POS, a unique company specializing in EPOS till systems and software development. During our 11 year existence, our firm has taken great pride in building up a reputation envied by many other companies in the industry, regularly coming up with new techniques that further retail system solutions.

Our point of sale systems are well established in the convenience store sector, with us having provided successful systems for various grocery stores and off-licenses. These systems use a very reliable but very powerful stock management program that ensures that you are never caught short in terms of having the correct goods on your shelves. We have fully integrated systems that use barcode scanners, printers and other handheld terminals to provide you with a simple self-explanatory method of selling your goods. We also provide POS systems for mini-markets and supermarkets using similar methods. These functions work successfully whether your business is a stand-alone store or multi-location operation.

Another use for our POS systems is for the sale of jewellery. Our systems are of the utmost importance in this sector as our customers rely on us for the safe sale of their goods, some of which can have very high values. However, no matter what value the jewellery is, it's our job to ensure its successful and safe sale. That's why we've linked our POS systems up to CCTV cameras in a reliable method not offered by any of our rival companies.

We have also developed technology ideal for the sale of goods in gift shops with our touch screen cash registers, adding a touch of quality to your forward thinking establishment. Customers will immediately see you are keeping up with times as they glance across at your highly efficient touch screen system.

POS till software

point of sale software Point of sale till software has undergone large expansion since the development of early electronic cash registers (ECR) in 1976. Now at 3S POS, we are able to offer you fully customizable methods that not only help you make sales but also help you manage your operations and assist in the development of your business. Sometimes the reason many companies or stores avoid getting a new cash register is because they are familiar with the way their exact transaction process works and don't want to risk losing it. That's why all our POS till software is designed to be adaptable to any transaction situation or system, meaning you can use the same methods you've always used but with a more modern-looking, efficient POS system. This is particularly good for companies that have a specific method for book-keeping, as having to change these methods would potentially be highly confusing and frustrating.

At 3S POS we also have highly-skilled engineers to help with any problems you may have with your bespoke POS systems. They are fully trained in the use of the software our EPOS systems are developed in, including C#, ASP.NET, JAVA, HTML, SQL Server and Visual Basic. Our salon software is often used by hairdressers aiming to move their business forward, using itemized buttons to charge for different types of hairstyle.

It is possible for us to also develop modules and applications on other frameworks to further integrate with our EPOS systems. Essentially, what we are offering is bespoke development that is flexible and able to be moulded to fit your specific needs. Our highly flexible EPOS systems are perfect to push the efficiency of your business forward and take it to a new level.

Touch screen tills and cash register

touch screen tills and cash register At 3S POS, we always aim to be flexible and shape our software designs based on your specific requirements. Our programs are set-up to be inter-changeable between different industries or sectors. This means the same EPOS methods can be used in a variety of different working environments, keeping the same successful principals but tweaking the software to optimize its efficiency for the relevant workplace.

The retail business world has moved on since initial ECR devices were used, with more user-friendly cash registers and touch screen tills now available. At 3S POS we are always on top of the market, aware of new developments in the EPOS industry and always able to provide you with the latest up to date products.

Without easy-to-use epos terminals, many businesses would not be able to function at the rate they do today. What we believe is the best benefit of using one of our 3S POS systems is how versatile our designs are. We can literally mould the software we provide you with to fit in exactly with your existing transaction system, giving it a more modern look and increasing your turnover with faster sales. For us flexibility is the key, with our software developed around Microsoft.NET frameworks that can be altered to meet any of your requirements.

A fast, efficient point of sale is essential to a successful business. Whether it's a grocery store, a mini-mart or even a gift shop, people do not want to spend seemingly endless amounts of time queuing to buy goods from you. Our suggestion is you purchase one of our modern EPOS systems that will leave companies using old, dated till systems in the past. Put your business at the forefront of developing businesses with a point of sale that sets the standard for your entire company ethos.

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