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5 Ways We’ll Spice Up Your Valentines Day


How to enhance your business of the hospitality industry in the valentines day. Find out what is your best option to do so.

It’s that time of the year again. Roses, chocolates, love and romance are about to take over as the day of love approaches – Valentines Day.

In a survey conducted by Groupon of more than 20 000 Brits, it was found that 66% were planning on eating out on Valentines Day! This is great news for everyone in the hospitality industry. But the Valentines Day rush can be a stressful experience. Your restaurant staff and chefs might be left feeling a little less than love on this special day.

The 3S POS systems can help with this welcomed rush, and make any restaurants Valentines Day a stress-free one. Let chefs focus on good food, and management provide a memorable service.

Here are 5 ways our systems will help your business on Valentines Day:

1. Live Table Bookings

Take the rush on with confidence with our smart configuration tools. Our tools provide automatic management of reservations and availability.

2. Graphical Table Management

See all available tables occupied or ready to pay with integrated table booking system. This feature will help you manage various sections and floors.

3. Handheld Ordering

Let happy couples enjoy time alone! Speed up tableside order taking with our handheld ordering solutions.

4. Kitchen Display System

Make things easier for kitchen staff with this system that empowers chefs. Our systems provide a wealth of information to manage table orders, speed up order processing, save printing costs and lift customer satisfaction.

5. Telephone and Online Ordering

Keep up with collection and delivery orders for those who are celebrating at home with our intuitive and integrated telephone ordering system.

Valentines Day is a big calendar event if you’re in the hospitality industry. Make sure that you are prepared to take on the love rush and make the most of this 14th February. Contact us today for easy to use EPOS systems that are intuitive, come with outstanding support and a proven track record.

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